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IDI has sold hundreds of hours of television programs across the globe, in both French and English. These shows include, among others, Box Office, Glam City, Cinéjournal, Star Culture, Bimbo, Sex Shop, and the The Color Coded Planet travel series. IDI also acquires multiple prestigious formats and concepts for adaptation such as Le 3950 (an adaptation of Thierry Ardisson’s 93, Faubourg Saint-Honoré), La Job (an adaptation of the BBC’s British cult series “The Office”) and La Vie Rurale (an adaptation of the Fox hit series “The Simple Life”), just to name a few.

In development

  • Vanessa, a steamy and sexy Canadian subscription-based television channel
  • The Real Housewives of Montreal (working title)
  • Silent Library
  • In Bed with Anne-Marie
  • In Bed with a Quebecker
  • Pole Position 2
  • Le Bum, les Belles et la Brute

Naughty Confessions : The Next French Revolution

A porno chic book showcasing some of the steamiest photos to ever be shot in Canada.

Release date Autumn 2010.

Pole Position Québec

A sexy television event series consisting of 4 x 1 hour (and 30 X 13 min VIP private dance segments). Adult entertainment at its best.

Broadcast on Cogeco (VOD), Bell TV (HD), Canal Indigo, Illico (VOD) and SHAW Direct.

Pole Girl Segments available on Viewers Choice.

Glam City

A travel series like no other, unveiling the hottest, trendiest places and things to do from 13 of the world’s top destinations. An international VIP black book of the most luxurious and cutting edge hot spots.

For broadcast on Evasion across Canada and on Escales in France as of January 2010.

Various (epk’s, corporate and making of’s)

  • Coverage of fashion shows and events for Montreal Fashion Week
  • Crusoe: A Making Of Special, a behind the scenes look at the production of a major American television series
  • Corporate videos for the SAQ, Montreal International Jazz Festival and more!

UFC – Les Guerriers

Bringing the best of extreme combat from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) to French Canada. 58 hours of the most incredible fights with the biggest names in mixed martial arts.

Broadcast on TQS Saturdays at 10pm + 4 UFC Live Fight Night events.

Strip Club (HD)

A series of six one hour episodes offering a VIP tour of the hottest strip clubs in the world. Filmed documentary style.

French version broadcast on Bell Télé, Illico, Canal Indigo, Cogeco (VSD), Planète No Limit (France)

English version on Viewers Choice, Bell TV, Cogeco (VOD) and iN Demand (USA)

Sex Shop, The Return (HD)

6 new episodes of the highly anticipated return of the classic cult series Sex Shop, shot in HD.

Broadcast in French on Bell Télé, Illico (VSD), Canal Indigo, Cogeco (VSD) and in English on Viewers Choice Canada, Cogeco (VOD), Bell TV and iN DEMAND (USA)

XXX Culture (HD)

HD documentary series on the XXX industry. An indepth exploration of hot topics like couples in the XXX industry, up and coming adult actors, the adult universe, and more!

Available on DVD.


A modern and sleek lifestyle magazine show on the most cutting edge places and events across the planet.

  • Weekly segments online at Canoe.TV.
  • 30 minute English version broadcast on Fashion Television Monday’s at 9pm. Rebroadcast Thursday at 11am and 3am and Sundays at 11:30pm and 5am.
  • Broadcast in French and English on Air Canada’s in flight entertainment system.

Le Cinéjournal

The most recent and scintillating film news compressed into a 10 minute action packed report.

Broadcast weekly on Super Écran: Friday’s at 8:15pm and rebroadcast Sunday’s at 10am and over 12 times during the week.

Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2008

Grab a front row seat to the prestigious international Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant and live vicariously through the contestants as we give you a close look at the prestigious contest.

  • 106 segments broadcast on
  • 4 X 60 minute episodes broadcast in French on Bell Télé, Illico (VSD), Canal Indigo and Cogeco (VOD).


5 new segments each week featuring the latest news in the world of film.

Exclusively on Sympatico / MSN.

3,2,1… Action !

Weekly segments offering an in depth, behind the scenes look at today’s most popular films.

Broadcast on Super Écran Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9pm and rebroadcast seven times throughout the week.

Miss Québec nue (HD)

One hour documentary style programs on the sexiest beauty pageants in the province! We capture (in HD!) all the gorgeous and talented.

Broadcast in French on Bell Télé, Illico (VSD), Cogeco (VSD) and in English on SHAW Direct

La job HD

French Canadian adaptation of Britain’s hit BBC series The Office.

Rebroadcast on ARTV Tuesdays at 5pm, Wednesdays at 11am and Thursdays at 6am.

Available on DVD.

Bimbo HD

A mocumentary series on the much fantasized about life and activities of the jet set producer and media favourite, Anne-Marie Losique.

Rebroadcast twice a week on Planète No Limit (France). Clips available online at

Archived Productions

  • Miss Nude Canada & Miss Quebec Nue, annual events available on DVD.
  • La Minute Blonde, hilarious un-PC capsules adapted from the hit series of the same name from France’s Canal +.
  • 3950, Seasons1 &2, Quebec’s adaptation of Thierry Ardisson’s hit talk show series from France, 93 Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
  • Wonder Woman HD, a one hour documentary with an innovative approach to the status of women in the 21st century.
  • BO2, cultural news with a teenage perspective.
  • La Vie rurale, the French Canadian adaptation of the hit series The Simple Life
  • Des Gens pas ordinaires, the French Canadian adaptation of the hit series The Surreal Life
  • Hot-parade, steamy variety talk show for adults…hosted by Anne-Marie Losique
  • Bleu/Rose/Vert/Gris, trendy travel series- each color represents a different genre of travel, from Eco-travel (Vert) to the best beaches of the world (Bleu).
  • Gros Plan sur…, indepth documentary style series examining the lives of the biggest names in the French film world.
  • SeXstars, in depth documentary style examining the lives of the biggest names in the adult industry.
  • Sex Shop, one of our most popular series around the world, each episode is a 30 minute joy ride through the latest and greatest events, people and gadgets in the adult industry.
  • Star Culture, 10 X 60 minute documentary style episodes which uncover the inner workings, secrets and guilty pleasures of the celebrities.
  • Sexe @, A sizzling series for the 18+ crowd on the hottest destinations in the world